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Dental Assistant Chairs

Ergonomics has become a popular term in recent times and is associated with almost all professions. The term 'ergonomics' means different things to different people but the concept generally hovers around the design of the work area and equipment, and its impact on the health of users.

Dental professionals often miss work due to back ache or other work related illnesses. Most of these illnesses are caused due to poorly designed work equipment and improper seating postures. In view of this, dental practitioners are beginning to realize the importance of ergonomics in maintaining a healthy life and longevity in the profession.

If you are planning to open a dental office, the one piece of equipment that would require careful consideration is dental chair. You would need a dental chair for each exam room. You would also require specialized dental chairs if you perform oral surgery and/or treat children. Procuring them will require considerable amount of capital and it is therefore imperative that you make the right choice.

Chair manufactures are continuously redesigning dental chairs to enhance its ease of use and practicality. This however makes a seemingly simple buying decision challenging. While buying a dental chair, the first and the foremost things to consider are the need of your patients and that of yours. It is also essential that you consider ergonomic factors while choosing the chair. There are many models available with varying features that can suffice each dentist's individual needs. However, beware of dental chairs that offer more 'bells and whistles' but do not offer the comfort and support that is required of it.

A typical dental chair should:-

1.Help you in maintaining an upright position.

2.Have a foot ring to support your feet. It is important that your thighs are parallel to the ground when you rest your feet on the ring.

3.Feature an easy to use adjustable height mechanism. This will ensure that you do not have to bend or stretch your legs to support them.

4.Have an arm support that you could use for reaching and leaning forward.

Dental chairs play a pivotal role in minimizing cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs), which plague dental profession. The above mentioned guidelines will go a long way in helping you make the right choice.

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